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Traditional to modern Kerala

Kerala, a beautiful state of India, is seen as God’s abode on earth. No doubt that Kerala is a warm blend of tradition and modernism till date. With the highest literacy rate in India, Kerala has maintained a perfect balance culturally to evolve into a modern state.

Multi-dimensional evolution of South Indian State – Kerala
Kerala came into existence after independence of India. It was never colonized by British, but its aromatic spices, gems and pearls, golden beaches, and pristine natural beauty attracted Europeans. What we see today in the demography of Kerala is an amalgamation of people from different races.

Different religions prevail with their own traditions in Kerala, but they are all bonded by the very centrally rooted tradition of Kerala giving them the modern outlook towards religion. There has been no communal violence reported from this Indian state. People live together peacefully irrespective of their religions.

Hindu religion being dominant in Kerala has a string of festivals throughout the year. Architecturally beautiful temples dot each city in Kerala spreading their pious aura. Pooran marking the decorated elephant dance, and Onam ending with the famous snake boat race are two major festivals celebrated with huge fanfare.

Both these festivals form tourist attraction in modern Kerala. The scope of festivals and their celebrations have extended to the sunny sandy beaches of Kerala where tourists flock to celebrate tranquility in their own modern way.

Ayurvedic therapies
Beaches form ideal location for Ayurvedic practices of yoga and meditation. Ayurveda sounds synonymous to Kerala offering its age old therapies to heal and rejuvenate people. Today dedicated convenient centers with modern facilities have adopted this traditional therapeutic healing medicinal system, thus attracting a good number of tourists.

The traditional Kerala is today packaged as an escape in the lap of nature through the modern concept of Backwater cruising in house boats, eco-tourism, and perching in tree houses. The whole purpose behind this is to know the culturally rich place with rural Kerala in its natural habitat, and admire and respect the nature’s bounty. Although, Kerala is held together with its traditional values, but it is growing and progressing towards modernism to accommodate nature and humanity alike.