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Seasons Of Kerala

The seasons of Kerala have endowed this amazing state with myriad flavors of festivals, food, plantations, colors, and traditions. All this coupled with tourists heighten the true essence of Kerala which lies in the conglomeration of all things into the exquisite natural beauty. To know more about the seasons of Kerala read ahead.

Three Seasons of Kerala
Earlier tourists used to travel Kerala in the months of September to February only, but off-late this trend has changed and people love Kerala in all its three seasons.

Summer Season
From the months of February to May Kerala is in the grip of summer season. The scorching sun raises the temperature to 35 degrees centigrade. There is no autumn here, but the heat does bare the trees of some of its greenery, and the leaves wilt and shed. It is only in the months of March and April that some sudden showers provide some respite from the mounting heat and humidity.

Monsoon Season
It rains throughout the year in Kerala due to its proximity to the Equator. The monsoon season is divided into two periods – The South-West monsoon in the months of June to August is dramatic as the sun is blazing hot for two days and there-after it rains heavily. This pattern continues for days together. The North-East monsoon in the months of October and November is noisy with thundering and lightening, and it rains almost daily in the afternoon.

Winter Season
The winter season in the months of December and January is mild with the maximum temperature falling to a mere 25 degrees centigrade. There is mist early in the morning around the hill tops, but the weather remains comfortable. It is in these months that the Sabrimala pilgrimage, Christmas, New Year and Eid-ul-Fitar spread their unique messages in the state.

The months of September and October offer a pleasant interval to the natives and tourists with a temperate weather, celebrations, and flowers in full bloom. It is during this period that the rice is harvested and Onam is celebrated with the popular Boat Race as an important event.

Kerala is the paradise of tourism for visitors all the year round. Whether the season is monsoon, summer, winter or temperate, all seasons in Kerala can be equally enjoyed with a number of choices available in beaches, hill stations, eco-tourism destinations, and Backwaters