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Kottayam is a bird watcher’s paradise, which is around 94 miles (150 KM) away from the capital. It falls in south-central region of Kerala. The city has been in the news for many good reasons. It is the first Indian city to achieve 100% literacy, and it was also the first Indian city to become a completely tobacco-free city.

Digging into the history of Kottayam

The name Kottayam means “interior of the fort (Kotta = fort + akam = inside), and it has been ruled by the kings of a small independent state kingdom of Thekkumkoor. Travelling through the thick of things, in 1949 Kottayam district was formed, which in 1957 became part of newly formed state of Kerala.

Kottayam, for the role it played in literature and media of Kerala, is also known as "Akshara Nagari” (The City of Letters). It is home to headquarters of magazines like Malayala Manorama, Mangalam, and Deepika. Rubber production and export, and Spice trading are two other major industries in Kottayam.

The city holds an important place in Kerala, and it is home to Syrian Christian community because of which it has some diverse cuisine. You must visit this city to feel culturally why it is so important.

Climate of Kottayam

The city, which is situated in central Kerala, is on an average 3 meters high from the sea level. The climate in this district is mostly pleasant, but because of its proximity to equator, the city faces variation in temperature and humidity, which could be moderate to high. 20-25 degree Celsius is the average temperature recorded in the district.

The average annual rainfall in the city is 3600mm. Kottayam receives heavy rain fall, because of south-west monsoon between June and September, and it also gets light rainfall between October and December.

Reaching this city is not difficult. The city is well-connected with other tourist destinations in Kerala and neighboring state Tamil Nadu through National Highway 220 (NH220). It also has a station of the Indian Railways in the heart of the city. You can also reach here from Cochin International Airport, which is mere 90 kilometers away from the city.