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House Boats and Cruising Through Kerala Backwaters

At times, everyone wants to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Kerala backwaters provide you the opportunity to throw yourself off the treadmill and witness everything coming to a standstill. In today’s fast-paced world things are moving so quickly that the scene is changed before you lift your eye lids to see what was there. This we call modern life, which we have happily embraced.

But, there are times in the life of a modern man when he wants to get rid of all the distractions that he calls life, and wants to just doze off in the lap of nature, without his laptop, cell phone, and even iPod. Kerala backwaters provide you that opportunity.

Kerala backwaters – its identity
The network of five large lakes, rivers, lagoons, and inlets which runs through half of the length of the Kerala is what we know as Kerala backwaters. It is located parallel to the Malabar Coast, and the lakes are connected by canals (both natural and manmade) which is fed by 38 rivers.

The warm embrace of fresh river waters and salty sea waters in the backwaters give Kerala backwaters a unique ecosystem, which gave rise to exotic aquatic life.
If you are fond of flora and fauna, the species of aquatic life you will witness here will make you wish if time could stop, and you can drink from the eternal beauty of Kerala. Palm trees, Pandanus shrubs, kingfishers, cormorants, darters, mudskippers, frogs, and crabs could be found eddying and floating in the water jumping with joy, and enjoying the life of bliss in the backwaters.

When viewed from the windows peeping out from Kerala house boat, the beautiful scene has transgressive effect on the human soul. No one can help, but get lost in the eternal beauty of Kerala backwaters.

Enjoying Kerala backwaters on Kerala house boats
A house boat is the ultimate way to cruise through the backwaters of Kerala. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and even the luxury levels are different in different Kerala houseboats. There are both non-AC and AC variants, but you will ask me I will suggest you to go with a non-AC one. It will bring you closer to the nature. My idea of travelling to the God’s own country is to stay as close to the Mother Nature as possible, and I find an air-conditioned houseboat a problem in that regard. Of course, we all are different and so are our needs.

Whichever Kerala houseboat you choose, you must plan your Kerala backwaters stay in such a way that you get to spend at least one full day on a houseboat. Ideally, you should choose at least 2-day Kerala houseboat cruise in the Kerala backwaters.