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Famous mosques in Kerala

It is the Northern Kerala where most of the famous mosques in Kerala are located. It is believed that Malik Ibn Dinar, the first Muslim, landed in Crangannur and built some of the mosques along costal Kerala. The mosques of Kerala follow similar structure with a covered large prayer hall surrounded by covered verandhas on all four sides. Some of the famous mosques in Kerala are named below.

Pazhayangadi Mosque
Pazhayangadi Mosque, Kondotti is a 500 year old mosque, 18km from Manjeri. It is a prominent pilgrim centre for the Muslims. The Valia Nercha festival is celebrated for three days to show reverence to Sheikh Muhammad Shah. It is built in the typical Mughal style architecture highlighting a splendid dome with intricate work.

Madayi Mosque
Madayi Mosque is one of the ancient mosques in Kerala built by Malik Ibn Dinar in the 12th Century. It is located 28kms from Kannur, and it attracts a lot of Muslim pilgrims. The white marble used in this mosque is believed to have been brought from Mecca.

Cheraman Juma Masjid
Cheraman Juma Masjid is situated in Kodungallur. It is the most famous mosque for being the first mosque ever built in India in 628 AD. As the legend goes, this mosque was built in the memory of the King Cheraman Perumal who converted into Islam. The architecture of this mosque is similar to Hindu temple architecture, and till date some of the practices conducted inside the premises are Hindu religion based.

Kanjiramattom Mosque
This famous mosque is 25Kms from Kochi. It is believed to have been built in the memory of Sheikh Fariduddin. Kanjiramattom Mosque features the antique elegance of mazhars and dargahs. Caparisoned elephants and percussion music form an inseparable part of the Chandanakkudam ritual held as a part of the Kodikuthu festival.

Malik Dinar Mosque
Malik Dinar Mosque is one of those first few mosques which were built by Malik Ibn Dinar himself. The body of Malik Dinar was buried within the mosque. The annual festival of Urs is celebrated in high spirit to commemorate the arrival of Malik Dinar in Kasargod and propagating Islam.

The feeling of religious tolerance is firmly connected with the famous mosques in Kerala. They not only give Kerala a vibrant religious fervor, but also stamp it on the global map displaying the oldest mosques on its terrain.