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Sun Dances on the Beaches of Kerala

The Indian state of Kerala is known as a tourist hub for a number of reasons. Its 600km coastline forms some amazing pristine beaches. Tourist comes to Kerala also to enjoy the sunny beaches of Kerala, and not just to soak in the beauty of Kerala Backwaters. Sun flooded beaches are apt for sun bathing combined with water sports. Silvery sand and blue sea with soft surf, dotted with green palm and coconut trees stimulate your senses and at the same time relaxes your mind and body in the uncluttered peaceful surroundings.
Read on to know about some of the more popular sun kissed beaches of Kerala.

Kovalam Beach
This beach is at a distance of 10 km from Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram. Kovalam beach is internationally famous basically for its three crescent shaped beaches which are separated by rocky highlands. The Southernmost tip, called the Lighthouse Beach is most popular among tourists, being the largest of the three.
Since 1930’s it has been the most frequented beach by international tourists not just for a beautiful tan, but also for catamaran cruise, swimming, and herbal body toning massages.
Kovalam beach is live with activity late in the day and continues to gather attraction as the day melts into night. Where in the day time you can sunbathe and enjoy the sea water, late in the evening you can savor the cultural programmes.

Varkala Beach
54 km from the central city of Thiruvananthapuram, Varkala beach is another well known beach mainly due to its therapeutic water with healing properties. The bright glowing sun gives a beautiful copper tan, and the azure sea makes for exciting water sports.
The serenity of this beach lends it the required calm for ayurveda tours. Scores of tourists flock this beach for a dip in its mineral springs which is considered therapeutic in Kerala ayurveda. Varkala beach is also famous as a Hindu pilgrim destination.

Fort Kochi Beach
This sandy beach is a prime attraction due to its historic fort, and the lanes of the adjoining town, Kochi, which are a tell-tale of the European colonial rule. The beach pronounces beauty and sun soaked sand.
Nothing could be more pleasing to your senses than lying on the beach on a sunny day and feeling the waves touching your feet. Your visit to Kerala remains incomplete without visiting these enchanting beaches. The sun truly dances on these beaches in full glory giving the tourists immense pleasure and relaxation. So come to Kerala and get drowned in the beauty of its beaches.